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The Legacy Fund

The purpose of the West Michigan Miracle League Legacy Fund Campaign is to ensure that we can continue to provide a first class experience for our players, their families and our volunteers for many years to come. We'd like to add lights to the field to expand our programming to include night games and we will need to replace our special poured-in-place field surface in another few years.

How to Contribute

If you would like to contribute to the WMML Legacy Fund, please complete the form by selecting the button below and email it to

Mail-In Form

Please address forms to: West Michigan Miracle League, 1878 Suntree Lane, Zeeland, Ml 49464

Consider Making A Monthly Contribution

Your donations help us to provide a first class experience for all of our players.

Click the button below and select “Make this a monthly donation”

WMML Brick Campaign

We are grateful for the community support we’ve received and continue to receive.

You are invited to join hundreds of other people, companies and organizations in our community who have contributed to the West Michigan Miracle League by purchasing an engraved brick in our Donor Plaza. Sponsored bricks can be engraved with your family or company name, or you may choose to honor a family member or someone else who has been special in your life.

Bricks are available for a $100 donation. Your payment may be tax-deductible. The West Michigan Miracle League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. If you would like to have a brick paver in our Donor Plaza, please complete this form.

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Please reach out with any questions or concerns you may have by clicking the button below, or emailing us at

Ways To Contribute

The WMML Brick Campaign

Bricks are available for a $100 donation. Your payment may be tax-deductible. The West Michigan Miracle League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. If you would like to have a brick paver in our Donor Plaza, please complete the form.

Our Legacy Fund

The purpose of the West Michigan Miracle League Legacy Fund Campaign is to ensure that we can continue to provide a first class experience for our players, their families and our volunteers for many years to come.

Send A Pledge Letter

If you prefer to mail in your donation, and would like to contribute to our maintenance of the Miracle League Field and operation of the Miracle League. Fill out the form below.

Make a Donation

You are invited to join hundreds of other people, companies and organizations in our community who have contributed to the West Michigan Miracle League. Consider making a monthly contribution by selecting “Make this a monthly donation”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make monthly contributions?

Select “Make a Donation” above, and click on the Donate button. On the PayPal screen select “Make this a monthly donation”.

Where do I mail my form to?

West Michigan Miracle League, 1878 Suntree Lane, Zeeland, MI 49464

How else can I help?

Consider volunteering with your team or organization, if you’re interested in signing up, click below for more info on the requirements and how to register for an account.

Thank You To Our Community Supporters

Thank you to the businesses in our local community for your continued support. Your generous donations help to make the dreams of many become a reality.

Our Partners

We’d also like to send a huge thank you to our Hall of Fame partners that wish to remain anonymous

Line Drive Partners

Rockford Lions Club

Andy and Wendy Miller

Carelinc Medical Equipment and Supply Co., LLC

Elite Frey / Frey Foundation

Larry Hildore

Luanna B. Thodey Trust

Home Run Partners

The Shine Foundation

Amway One by One Campaign for Children

Dan and Stephanie Hurwitz

Friends, Family & Heroes Event

Grand Rapids Community Foundation

Hy and Greta Berkowitz Foundation

Jeff Krisel & Sharon Depcinski

Klopcic Family Foundation

Lara Hurley

Meijer and The Meijer Foundation

Shirley and Charles Hurwitz

Susan Hurwitz and Miguel Le

Grand Slam Partners

Art Van Furniture, Inc.

Anderson Global Initiative Tooling Solutions (In Support of Family, Friends, and Heroes Fundraiser)

Ultimate Fans

Aaron James Zeigler ⚾ Abby Sorota ⚾ Abie and Sharon Charski ⚾ Adam Zacha ⚾ Airway Oxygen Inc. ⚾ Al and Eileen Sussman ⚾ Alan Abraham ⚾ Alessandra Bianchi ⚾ Alexa, Matteo and Kika Kantgias ⚾ Alice Marsel ⚾ Aliyya Clement ⚾ Allison andRoger Martin ⚾ Alvin and Bettie Steinberg ⚾ Anderson Global Innovative Tooling Solutions (In Support of Family, Friends, and Heroes Fundraiser) ⚾ Andrea Myers ⚾ Andrew Dennen ⚾ Anita Silverstein ⚾ Ann Hansen ⚾ Arthur and Cheryl Sober ⚾ B.M. and Dorothy Siegel ⚾ Barb Myers ⚾ Barbara Duchemin ⚾ Barbara Fitzgerald ⚾ Barbara Herr-Jolliffe ⚾ Barbara Hohman ⚾ Beltline Partners, Inc. ⚾ Ben and Lisa Doctor ⚾ Beth and Kevin Splaine ⚾ Betsy Herman ⚾ Betsy Raymond ⚾ Betty and Mike Roth ⚾ Betz Industries (Karl and Patti Betz and Family) ⚾ Bob and Terri Springstead ⚾ Brad Darooge ⚾ Brandon Santiago ⚾ Brenda Brewer ⚾ Brian and Carole LaVasseur ⚾ Brooks Family Fund ⚾ Bruce and Karen Haveman ⚾ Bruce Lynn ⚾ Cameron Roskam ⚾ Camp Blodgett’s Babies’ Welfare Guild ⚾ Carol Ambrose ⚾ Carol and George Sacerdote ⚾ Carol Krieger ⚾ Carol Stickney ⚾ Carole and Max Harris ⚾ Carolyn Comden ⚾ Catherine Winick ⚾ Cathy Tracey ⚾ Cathy Zackery ⚾ Celia, Larry, Chris, Brad, Josh and Shannon Andrus ⚾ Charles Kenahan ⚾ Charles Olender ⚾ Charlie Johnson ⚾ Cheryl Stricklen ⚾ Chris and Phyllis Afendoulis ⚾ Chris and Terry Renker ⚾ Chris Fisher ⚾ Chris Schlegel ⚾ Chris Veneklasen ⚾ Christine English ⚾ Christine Piacentino ⚾ Christine Vanderstel ⚾ Christy Conway ⚾ Clive Sommer ⚾ Combine Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, Inc. ⚾ Congregational Emanuel ⚾ Craig Hondorp ⚾ Craig Mutch ⚾ CWD Real Estate Investment ⚾ Scott Hansen ⚾ D.J. Braunschneider ⚾ Dan Byrne ⚾ Dan Measday ⚾ Dana Helenius ⚾ Dana Levinson ⚾ Dane Jorgensen ⚾ Daniel and Deborah Mankoff ⚾ Daniel Mosow ⚾ Danny Gaydou ⚾ Darren and Kim Sawyer ⚾ Dave and Carol Van Andel Foundation ⚾ David Alfonso ⚾ David Alfonso⚾ David and Donna Boersma ⚾ David and Laura Dickens ⚾ David and Leslie Hooker ⚾ David and Susan Krug ⚾ David and Susan Samrick ⚾ David Buday ⚾ David Cohen ⚾ David Godfrey and Diane Allison ⚾ David Levitt ⚾ Deann Baillargeon ⚾ Deb and Mike Corby ⚾ Deb Koppers ⚾ Debbie and Bob Ahrenholz, and Laurie McGillis ⚾ Debbie Moslowitz ⚾ Deborah Roos ⚾ Debra and Edward Rosenfeld ⚾ Debra and Timothy White ⚾ Debra Becker ⚾ Del and Jean Doyle Family Foundation ⚾ Deloitte ⚾ Denise Barron-Kraus ⚾ Diane Coleman ⚾ Diane Kroll ⚾ Diane VanderHyde ⚾ Donald and Bluma Herman ⚾ Dr. Michael and Dr. Wendy Katz ⚾ Dr. Ronald and Carolyn Lambert ⚾ Ed and Penny Hoezee ⚾ Edith Landman ⚾ Edward M. Griffin ⚾ Elizabeth Junewick ⚾ Ellen and Harvey Ostrow ⚾ Environmental Coatings, Inc ⚾ Eric and Amy Westrate ⚾ Eric Lanning ⚾ Esstee, Inc. ⚾ Esther Waayenberg ⚾ Ethan Segal ⚾ Ethel Segal ⚾ Evie Vincent ⚾ Florence and Jim Harris ⚾ Florence Silverstein ⚾ Forest Hills Eastern High School ⚾ Forest Hills Eastern Student Government ⚾ Founders Bank & Trust ⚾ Founders Bank & Trust ⚾ Frances S. Ellis ⚾ Francis X. Coonelly and Deborah A. Coonelly ⚾ Frank and Raenell Conner ⚾ Frank Berrodin ⚾ Funky Budha Yoga Hothouse Company ⚾ Gannett Foundation ⚾ Gary and Cheryl Anderson ⚾ Gary Chamberlin ⚾ Gayle VanGessel ⚾ George and Susan Foote ⚾ Glenn and Kathi Barkan ⚾ Glenn Pappalardo ⚾ Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids ⚾ Grand Rapids Community Foundation ⚾ Grand Rapids Wheelchair Sports Association ⚾ Greg and Brenda Sagraves ⚾ Greg Littleton and DominiqueNica Lalli ⚾ Greg Ripple ⚾ Greg, Dafna, J.J. and Daniel Kaufman ⚾ Gregg and Allyn Lebster ⚾ Harbor Rehabilitation LLC ⚾ Harold Laves ⚾ Harold Levin ⚾ Harry Cronson on behalf of the Cronson and Mack families ⚾ Hascall Steel Co. ⚾ Heather (Francis) Zeoli ⚾ Heather Root ⚾ Helen and Wendell Christoff ⚾ Helen Charski ⚾ Hon. Robert J. Jonker ⚾ Hope Moxey ⚾ Howard and Elaine Smith ⚾ Howard and Lois Yaffe ⚾ Hren Family ⚾ Irwin Seating Company ⚾ Jack Keiser ⚾ James and Mary Jo Rabaut ⚾ James Disser ⚾ Jan Heindrichs ⚾ Jan VanOtteren ⚾ Jane Cain ⚾ Jane E. DeVries in Memory of her husband, Vaughn McNabb ⚾ Janet Wyllie ⚾ Janice Dinner ⚾ Jason Brinks ⚾ Jason Mahar ⚾ Jay and Cara Riemersma ⚾ Jay and Ellen Sklar ⚾ Jean Breay ⚾ Jean Thomas ⚾ Jean W. Barkin ⚾ Jeanne Shechet ⚾ Jeff and Dawn Noble and Family ⚾ Jeff and Julie Olmstead ⚾ Jeff and Lisa Fraser ⚾ Jeff Hamilton ⚾ Jeff, Mindy and Noah Rosenfield ⚾ Jen and Brett Wardrop ⚾ Jeneen Needham ⚾ Jennifer Bayer ⚾ Jennifer Bertram ⚾ Jennifer Deutsch ⚾ Jennifer Sayers ⚾ Jerry and Tammy Nelson ⚾ Jesse Gordon, in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Dylan Snelson, from the Class of Temple Beth Shalom ⚾ Jessica Lessing and Jim O’Leary ⚾ Jill and Andrew Jones ⚾ Jill and Andrew Jones ⚾ Jill and Lee Spitz ⚾ Jill and Matt Miller ⚾ Jill Cartier ⚾ Jim and Darlene Lyals ⚾ Jim and Sheryl Siegel ⚾ Jim Bruinsma ⚾ Jim Comden ⚾ Jim Peterson ⚾ Joanne Kerr ⚾ Jodi and Michael Clay ⚾ Joe and Sharon Libbin ⚾ Joe Steinberg ⚾ John and Maribeth Wardrop ⚾ John and Maureen Darling ⚾ John D. Tully ⚾ John Estabrook ⚾ John Estabrook ⚾ John Koryto ⚾ John R. McIntyre ⚾ John Younge ⚾ Jon and Beth Wilmot ⚾ Jonathan and Christine Golden ⚾ Jonathan Dewys ⚾ Jordan and Linda Brickman ⚾ Joseph Schmieder ⚾ Joy and Jerry Bratter ⚾ Joyce Coker ⚾ Juan Lessing ⚾ Judith Popiel ⚾ Judy and Bert Patkin ⚾ Judy Jaccaud and the Jaccaud family ⚾ Judy York ⚾ Julie Cosgrove ⚾ Julie Forstner ⚾ Julie Maue ⚾ June Mara ⚾ Kami Hecksel ⚾ Kara Salmanson ⚾ Karen and Paul Belfer ⚾ Karen and Scott Broekstra ⚾ Karen Jamie Wing ⚾ Karen, Mitchell and Louis Padnos ⚾ Karilyn Frederick ⚾ Karleen Stephens ⚾ Katelyn Semelbauer ⚾ Katherine Bratschie ⚾ Kathleen Aguilar ⚾ Kathryn Jackoboice ⚾ Katie Marble ⚾ Kaufman Foundation ⚾ Kelly Corlew ⚾ Kelly Fischer ⚾ Ken and Barb Werbowy ⚾ Kendall Lighting Center ⚾ Kerry Nowicki ⚾ Kevin Adams ⚾ Kevin and Jillyne Wisdom ⚾ Kevin and Michelle Bassett ⚾ Kim Billings ⚾ Kim Billings ⚾ Kim Houtman ⚾ Kristen Bryant ⚾ Kristen Wiles ⚾ Kristin Linscott ⚾ Kristina Romence ⚾ Kristy Watson ⚾ La Isla Foundation ⚾ Lambert, Edwards & Associates ⚾ Lance Hartman ⚾ Larry Hurwitz ⚾ Larry Hurwitz ⚾ Larry, Lori and Whitney Dykhouse ⚾ Laura and Tom Paine ⚾ Laura and Tom Paine ⚾ Laura Gordon Fisher ⚾ Laura Gordon Fisher ⚾ Laura Kennedy ⚾ Lauren Vetter ⚾ Laurie Murphy ⚾ LBC Sports Distributors DBA Legends Sports & Games ⚾ Lesa VanLiere ⚾ Lincoln Development Center Room 108 ⚾ Linda and Bart Sotnick ⚾ Linda and James Payne ⚾ Linda and Jim Dodge ⚾ Linda and Vern Saper ⚾ Linda Fossier ⚾ Linda Hill ⚾ Linda Miller-Heys and Bruce Heys ⚾ Lindsay Rosenfield ⚾ Lisa Geske ⚾ Lisa Mayer ⚾ Lisa Peterson ⚾ Lisa, Judson and Harrison Potter ⚾ Liz Baghera ⚾ Lucy Osenga ⚾ Lydia and Jack Corn ⚾ Lyle and Theresa Myers ⚾ Mandy Evangelista-Evans ⚾ Marcia Streeter ⚾ Margot O’Connor ⚾ Maria Verrier ⚾ Marilyn and Claude Titche ⚾ Marilyn and Norm Leven ⚾ Marion Rottman and Family ⚾ Marisa and David Krishef ⚾ Mark and Cathy Bissell ⚾ Mark and Nancy Beelen ⚾ Mark Ellis ⚾ Mark Kinsler ⚾ Mark Sherwood and Saralyn Coupe ⚾ Marlene Timmer ⚾ Marni Vyn ⚾ Martha Fisher ⚾ Mary Bauman ⚾ Mary Darrow ⚾ Mary Kral ⚾ Mary Miner ⚾ Matthew and Julie Smith ⚾ Matthew and Paula Vicari ⚾ Matthew Katz ⚾ Matthew Vicari ⚾ Maureen and David Ginsburg ⚾ Maxine and Chuck Shaprio ⚾ Meg and Greg Willit ⚾ Melinda Johnson and Ben Rechner ⚾ Melissa Neckers ⚾ Melvin, Diane, Wendy and Kristi Dinner ⚾ Mert Conner ⚾ Michael and Amy Kelley ⚾Michael and Jennifer Welch ⚾ Michael and Judy Alexander ⚾ Michael and Lucy Ruotolo ⚾ Michael and Marilyn Best ⚾ Michael and Marjorie Segal ⚾ Michael J. Fishman ⚾ Michael Murphy ⚾ Michael Noordijk ⚾ Michael Segal ⚾ Michele Tremper Brown ⚾ Michelle L. Segal ⚾ Michelle Olmsted ⚾ Michelle Segal ⚾ Michelle Smith ⚾ Mike Novakoski ⚾ Miles Huffaker ⚾ MLive Media Group and Dan Gaydou ⚾ Molly Iwen ⚾ Morris and Sally Kleiner ⚾ Mort and Gerry Hoffman ⚾ Move Strategies, LLC ⚾ Mr. and Mrs. John Padavano ⚾ Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. McKeough and Family ⚾ Mr.and Mrs. Harry Kutten ⚾ Mrs. Blamer’s 4th Grade Class at West Oakview Elementary ⚾ Muriel Khazam (on behalf of several friends) ⚾ Nancy Borst ⚾ Nancy Collins ⚾ Nancy French ⚾ Nancy Hurwitz ⚾ Nancy Levinson and family ⚾ Nate and Briar Plantinga ⚾ NE American Legion #459 ⚾ Neil Marchand ⚾ New Groningen Elementary, ZPS ⚾ Nicholas and Kerry Ottenwess ⚾ Nicole Litt and Family ⚾ Norm and Shirley Japinga ⚾ Norman & Shirley Japinga ⚾ Otterbase (In Support of Family, Friends, and Heroes Fundraiser) ⚾ P.K. Mason and Margy Jones ⚾ Patricia Hastings ⚾ Patricia Mongiovi ⚾ Patricia Schlaudt ⚾ Patrick and Deborah Droste ⚾ Paul and Abrian Brown ⚾ Paul and Catherine Boyer ⚾ Paul and Michele Griffeth ⚾ Paul and Rosemary Heule ⚾ Paul Mickey and Linda Williams ⚾ Peggy Boucher ⚾ Peter C and Emajean Cook Foundation ⚾ Peter Kok ⚾ Phil Simon Properties, LLC ⚾ Pioneer Construction Inc. ⚾ Priority Health ⚾ Rachel Hillegonds ⚾ Rachel J. Foster ⚾ Ramzi Haddad ⚾ Randall Meisner ⚾ Randy and Linda Cnossen ⚾ Rhonda Sue Pappas ⚾ Rhonda Williams ⚾ Rich Kogelschatz ⚾ Richard and Ann James ⚾ Richard Barber ⚾ Richard Hughes ⚾ Richard Puhek ⚾ Rick and Deb Kennedy ⚾ Rick and Mary Stevens ⚾ Rick and Nicole Huisman ⚾ Rick Hay and Helayne Sherman ⚾ River Ridge Resort ⚾ Robert and Barbara Hurwitz ⚾ Robert and Barbara Schwartz ⚾ Robert and Beth Rinvelt ⚾ Robert and Diane Collier ⚾ Robert and Frances Sherman ⚾ Robert and Judy Vandongen ⚾ Robert Zieve ⚾ Robin Takens ⚾ Rockford Construction Co. ⚾ Rockford Lions Club ⚾ Rockford Public Schools Special Education Parent Advisory Committee ⚾ Ron Alvesteffer ⚾ Ruth Hurwitz and Nick Pisano ⚾ Ryan and Jessica Cook ⚾ Ryan DeKuiper ⚾ Sally T. Castleman ⚾ Sara Lachman ⚾ Saraphoena Koffron ⚾ Schupan & Sons, Inc. ⚾ Schwab Charitable Fund ⚾ Scott Teusink ⚾ Scott Timmer ⚾ Seidman College of Business, GVSU ⚾ Selma Kent ⚾ Shari Moore ⚾ Sharon Irwin ⚾ Sharon Miller ⚾ Sharon Reynolds ⚾ Sharon Spungen ⚾ Sheila Schwartz ⚾ Shelly Padnos ⚾ Shirley L. Lee ⚾ Shirley Plutsky ⚾ Spoonlickers ⚾ Stanley Griffith and Ann Schauffler ⚾ Stefanie Siverly ⚾ Stephan Jepson ⚾ Stephanie Kaeb ⚾ Stephanie Lirio ⚾ Stephen and Molly Kircher ⚾ Steve and Jennifer Duyck ⚾ Sue Rautio ⚾ Susan Alonso and Ralph Lazzarini ⚾ Susan Kidder ⚾ Susan Niederhoffer ⚾ Suzanne S. Frank ⚾ Tami Carl ⚾ Tammy Klein ⚾ Tammy S. Rhoades ⚾ Ted Vogt, Carol Dehen and Janie Wiersum ⚾ Terry and Gloria Gernstein ⚾ Terry and Martin Ullman ⚾ Tharlo and Mary Klaver ⚾ The Hand Up Fund ⚾ The Hearts in Motion Dance Project ⚾ The Louis and Helen Padnos Foundation ⚾ The Mitten Brewing Company, LLC ⚾ The Montessori School of Wilton, CT ⚾ Thomas and Elise Roe ⚾ Thomas Davelaar ⚾ Thomas Fox ⚾ Thomas Verme ⚾ Tim and Cindy Schad ⚾ Tim and Natalie Hinson ⚾ Tim Parker ⚾ TJ Ackert ⚾ Tom Clyde ⚾ Tom Sarb ⚾ Tony, Marcy, Riley and Jed Comden ⚾ Tracy Castelli Tomas ⚾ Triangle Associates, Inc. ⚾ Tripp VanderWal ⚾ Tuff Lawn (Henderson Family) ⚾ United Jewish School ⚾ USF Holland ⚾ Van and Judy Nadeau ⚾ Vicki Hibma ⚾ Virginia Seyferth ⚾ W.A. and C. M. Byers ⚾ W.W. Culhane Consulting LLC ⚾ Wardrop and Wardrop PC ⚾ Wayne and Sharon Wolfsen ⚾ Wendy Dinner and Kristi Dinner ⚾ West Bend Community Foundation’s West Bend Mutual Independent Agents’ Fund ⚾ West Michigan Assistance Fund for Baseball and Softball Players ⚾ William and Catherine Muir ⚾ William F. Leisman III ⚾ William Stratbucker ⚾ YPO Eastern Central US Region ⚾ YPO Michigan-West Chapter ⚾ Zeeland Christian School 6th Grade